Anshin Zen Center provides simple hospitality; in a concentrated attitude without dispersion for practitioners who participate at the zazenkai (day of meditation), or the sesshins (intensive practice of two or more days) or who simply want to spend a night at the Center. We kindly request to book in advance.

Anshin also provides a Bed and Breakfast and Holyday House service for people staying in Rome, for some days on holiday or tourism.

Peace in the heart of the eternal city


Zen garden Bed & Breakfast

Zen Garden Bed & Breakfast, is a cottage for two people located in the middle of the garden of Anshin Zen Center: an oasis of privacy and tranquility. Visit the Zen Garden.

Blue River Holiday Trastevere

Blue River Trastevere is an apartment located in the immediate nearby of the center, equipped with all the comforts, it can accommodate up to four people. Visit Blue River Trastevere.

Zen Garden B & B and Blue River Trastevere are officially licensed by the Tourism Promotion Agency of the City of Rome.



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