Zen Practice

"When we are in zazen we clearly see all the things that rise in our mind, thoughts, emotions, fantasies, ect., it’s nothing but a series of multicoloured illusions. This “sight” changes them in dreams, and from these dreams we are awaken. This awakening consists in waking up from the fact we are dreaming; thinking that we are roused from our dreams is just another dream.”"

Yokoyama Sodō

Anshin Zen Center "Peace of Heart" is a Soto Zen Buddhism practice center in the heart of the city of Rome, where the deep practice of Zen meditation and the study of Buddhism, promote an intimate and profound religiosity for the benefit of all beings.

Heads and teachers of the Centre are Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifania and Guglielmo doryu Cappelli, Zen Soto monks, disciples of Master Shohaku Okumura.

The Center’s Dharma activities are:

  • Zazen (sitting meditation) and Kinhin (walking meditation) practice
  • Zazen instruction for beginners
  • Teachings , study and sharing groups
  • Ceremony with the recitation of Sutras (sacred texts)
  • Celebrations of oBuddhist recurrences
  • Days of intensive practice (sesshin): Zazen, Samu (manual work), formal meals (Oryoki), teachings.
  • Conferences of guest lecturers, publications, screenings of films.
  • Solidarity initiatives, meetings with school students, inter-religious dialogue.
  • Anyone, no matter their culture and belief, are invited to participate to our activities and meditation sessions.
morning practice

Morning practice

MORNINGS Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7-8:10 am | Saturday 8-9:10am


Evening practice

EVENINGS Tuesdays and Fridays 7:30-21:20 pm

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