Conscious Listening

"To live life fully, means to take care of your life day by day, moment to moment, right here, right now. " Zen master Dainin Katagiri

Individual sessions

with Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa


Conscious Listening is based on focusing on particular solicitations in order to give us back the ability to express immediately and clearly the discomfort that dwells in us.

We process our experience through the careful observation of our body posture in space, our verbal and gesture communicative attitude, and through the attention to sensations and perceptions.

It is not enough to see what happens and try to understand it, we must also learn to actually live the Truth and the Reality of our lives every day, every moment.

Even if we do not understand everything, we can and we must find the courage and the manner to plunge deep in our lives, right now.

The more we listen, the more we expand our global vision, the more we activate our creative potential. Finding a fresh and renewed spirit allows us to be in touch with the deepest dimension of our lives starting from the experience of non-separation of all beings.

Although the daily routine suffocates us to the point of falling into the trap of depression and discomfort, leaving us confused and disoriented, we can and we must train ourselves to be anyway and always masters of ourselves, whatever situation we can face, and realize continuously who we really are and what we can really do.

Relationships with others are the great lesson to be revealed and to learn from as you can, and in the difficulty finding happiness within ourselves.

Meeting an impartial listener who is there to be helpful, is in itself a breakthrough producing amazing results.

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