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Tai Chi - Qi Gong

Teachers:  AnZuò - Enzo Bordi e Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa.


Thursday 6:00 - 19:30 p.m.

Monday and Thursday 9:30-11:00 a.m.

It is possible to follow the lessons online. Contact secretariat for Zoom codes for connection.

Possibility of personalized individual lessons in presence and online.

Tai Chi


 Thai Chi is the long life technique suitable for any age group, no exclusion.

Doctors, researchers and scientists from all over the world recognize the healing and preventive properties of Thai Chi, explaining that the impulses of modulate, precise and ordinate movements, starting from the motor cortex that drives the entire brain, and consequently, these impulses, come back from the limbs to the brain in the shape of perceptions and sensations, activating the cerebellum, the richest area of neurons.

Chinese medicine has, with a government decision, officially recognized Thai Chi having an equivalent role to acupuncture: both working on the release of meridian.

Practicing Thai Chi means refreshing the spirit, rediscover the inner energy and also enlarge the vital energy of the person to the point of facilitating recovery: Thai Chi is the art of feeling well and healthy.

The deep and slow breathing from the diaphragm reinforces the amount of oxygen reaching the cells, reduces the frequency of the heart beat and releases tension in the mind (prevention of degenerative diseases) and body (prevention of osteoporosis).

Reinforcing the immune system and preventing diseases, Thai Chi slows down the biological ageing process, increasing the strength of the body.

Thai Chi harmonize our breath with the breath of all the living creatures, together with nature, earth and sky, is the return to the original unity.

Aligning, centering, balancing and harmonizing are the qualities which develop from the synthesis of opposite forces (Yin/Yang).

Thai Chi helps maintaining the body young and agile reinforcing the elasticity of the body as well as of the mind together with good mood and sociability, offering a new and healthier approach to life.

This art is based on the philosophy of Lao Tze in which the answer to aggression is that of an aware surrender and the soft and light overcome the still and hard.

Martial shapes hidden in the movements are stylized and, because of the energy during the exercises flows in the same direction of martiality, one can experiment their application.

The Thai Chi course of the Zen Centre Anshin is based on the Yang style, with exercises from the Wudang forms.


Qi Gong

qi gong

Qi Gong means practising with Qi-Energy, the longevity flower that feeds life, anyone at any age and in any phase of his life can practice it.

Qi Gong held in Anshin, jewel in the crown of traditional Chinese medicine, is therapeutic, healthy and meditative more than martial.

Getting in contact with the universe and the life inside us and around us, through self massage techniques and therapeutic exercises of medical gymnastic, infinite problems and pathologies can be solved.

Meditative posture helps to reinforce vertical posture: if fully focused, you can practice mental and physical exercises and regulate inner energies.

Visualization and Tui Shou exercises facilitates the practice of internal energy, helping us to rebalance our mind to focus on the present time: body, mind and spirit work together in the same frequency.

Qi Gong works on the energy of the being in its entirety, releasing in this way muscular and emotional tensions, specifically: aching joints of neck, arms, legs, reinforcing muscle tone and peripheral blood circulation; while the breathe invigorates internal organs, creating a deep sense of wellness and peace, bringing us back in contact with ourselves.

Knowing the importance of every movement and the release that follows it, one can translate it in flexibility and tone of both body and mind.

Every Qi Gong and Thai Chi exercise, when made with awareness and continuity, becomes a powerful way for self healing.


Some sequences of Thai Chi – Qi Gong course:

Tai Ji Qi Gong - 18 movements-  I Part
Tai Ji Qi Gong - 18 movements - II Part
Tai Ji Qi Gong - 18 movements - An Zuó
Ba Duan Jin - 8 Brocade exercises
Dao Yin - 8 Locomotor System exercises
Yi Jin Jing - 10 muscle-tendon exercises
The 13 principles of Tai Chi Wudang style
Yang Form  24 postures
Yang Form 108 postures 

We suggest for the practice to wear Thai Chi trainers (discounts for our students), but you can also practice bare foot or with socks. Zen Anshin Centre room is equipped with parquet. Casual outfit is suggested, better if not synthetic. A dressing room is also at your disposal for changing your clothes.

Is it possible to enrol and start the courses any time of the year.


The Teachers


Il Maestro AnZuò - Enzo Bordi is teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong , certified by the Center "Tra Cielo e Terra" and Shiatsu Operator, certified by "European Institute of Shiatsu." He Studis in Italy under the guidance of Professor Wu Min Yin and in China at the Beijing Sports University, in Taiyuan, hometown of the Yang family and with the monks at Wudang Shan Taoist sacred mountain. He is 'member of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan International Association. Researcher of the Taoist culture, in more than 10 years continues his research in the philosophy and traditional oriental medicine. In 2011 he was awarded the Royal Rosy "Arts Culture and Entertainment" for having disclosed the Eastern philosophy of the body movement as a carrier of existential well-being.

Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa is a Tai Chi – Qi Gong teacher from the school of AnZuò Master. She met Tai Chi – Qi Gong in the 80s, in a period of research of new ways for experiment trough her body, moved by the need to go beyond dance itself. She took part in several seminars of Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and Karate, in the sense of traditional martial art for personal defence.
From 1983 she studied with continuity Tai Chi – Qi Gong with professional teachers during her courses held in her Centre. She keeps training with AnZuò Master, and promotes several events and demonstrations with him, for spreading Tai Chi – Qi Gong learnings as poetic and therapeutic form of Art.


The Poetic way of Tai Chi – Qi Gong


He who transmits Tai Chi -  Qi Gong does it taking from his studies and experience, but mostly from his passion, and this means that every teacher is unique, as the learning way of everyone. 

Masters AnZuò – Enzo Bordi and Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa, trough the poetic dimension of images, propose a Tai Chi- Qi Gong of deep connection and participation with the entire universe.

Tai Chi Art is made for avoiding the fight, learning how to defence ourselves utilizing the energy of the other, absorbing and cancelling his blows.

Defence becomes a victory.

The man that dominates art
Doesn’t use a sword
And his opponent
Hits himself.

Some of the names and images that create the stylized movement. Every image awakes a sensation and the energy related to it.

Wake of clouds
Veil of fog
The moon knocks
To the mountain gate
The dragon
Walks on clouds






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