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Social commitment

Daily action consists in manifesting the original Way of Buddha. Eihei Dogen

Meetings in Schools


Since 2002, the Zen Centre Anshin has been collaborating in the project called “"Incontri" (Meetings) of  Centro Astalli.

It is volunteering directed to students in middle and high schools, both state and private, often located in socially and culturally disadvantaged areas.

Through the testimony of religions other than Catholicism, the project focuses on young people with a view to laying the foundations for an intercultural society.

A society where ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity is seen as a resource and not as an obstacle to our future.


List of  Schools that visited the Anshin Zen Temple and that joined the project.
IC Gandhi, Via Poppea Sabina 3, Roma
Liceo classico Dante Alighieri, via Ennio Quirino Visconti 13, Roma
Liceo Statale J.Joyce, via de Gasperi 20, Ariccia (RM)
IC Padre Semeria 28 (stesso indirizzo), Roma
IIS Di Vittorio-Lattanzio, via Teano 223, Roma
Liceo Tullio Levi Civita, via di Torre annunziata 1,Roma
IC Via Belforte del Chienti 24, Roma
Istituto Gesù Nazareno - S. Maria Ausiliatrice, via dalmazia 12, Roma
IC Alberto Sordi, piazza gola 64
Liceo Farnesina, via dei Giuochi istmici 64, Roma
IC Leonardo Da Vinci, via della Grande muraglia 37, Roma
IC Visconti, vai IV novembre 95, Roma
IIS Eliano Luzzatti, via Pedemontana snc, Palestrina, Roma
Is Massimo- medie, via massimiliano massimo 7, Roma   
Liceo artistico statale Via di Ripetta (218) Roma
IC Guido Pitocco, via Umberto 1 I, 60, Castelnuovo di Porto (RM)
IS via Salvo d'Acquisto 69, Velletri (RM)
Liceo artistico statale Enzo Rossi, via del frantoio 4, Roma
IC Via Cassia 1694, Roma    
Liceo Volterra, via Acqua Acetosa 8/A, 00043, Ciampino (RM)
Ist. Massimilaino Massimo, via massimiliano massimo 7, Roma
IC Parco della Vittoria, via mordini 19, Roma
Istituto Gesù Maria,Via Flaminia, 631, Roma
IC Maccarese, Viale di Castel San Giorgio, 205 - Fiumicino
IC Via cassia 1694, Roma .

Collecting food and clothes

Collecting food and clothes
By collecting food, layettes and baby equipment, clothes, and toys, we provide a direct support to individual needs through a neighbourhood network that has been operating for years.

The collection is supported by sympathizers of the Centre, by Zen students and pupils of the creative dance,  and Tai Chi/Qi Gong courses.
You can contact us here.

Support for non-profit organization


Both students of the Creative Dance Course, and artists and sympathizers of the Centre offered free fund-raising evenings in support of associations and non-governmental organizations.

Our friends artists
Duo Midare with Mautizio Castè & Simona Sanzò
Tai Chi - Qi Gong teacher AnZuò - Enzo Bordi
The musician  Oscar Bonelli
The dancer  Chiara Burgio  and her dance company
The pianist Diana Laura Nocchiero
The director of  Teatro Atlante of Palermo Emilio Ajolavasit, together with Preziosa Salatino

Supported associations:

    Amnesty International
    Medici Senza Frontiere
    Un Ponte Per
    Medici Contro la Tortura
    Associazione “Acqua per la Vita”
    Associazione La Ronda della Solidarietà
    Servizio Civile Internazionale - support to reconstruction following the earthquake in Abruzzo
    Centro Studi Platone Onlus
    Giuseppe Papa Home Care Onlus
    Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (via Japan-America Society of Indiana)
    Croce Blu Comune di Mirandola
    Associazione Differenza Donna
    BAOBAB Experience -  Centro di Accoglienza Rifugiati Roma

interreligious dialogue


Meeting of volunteers of the Astalli Center Incontri Project at Tevere Institute in Rome

Anshin Zen Center, in particular in the figures of the teachers Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifania and Guglielmo Doryu Cappelli, is intensely involved in interreligious dialogue, both as a privileged instrument for bridging communion with other cultures and religions that have long been present in Italian territory and as path of spiritual growth and inner search. Collaborations with the National Office for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue of Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (the Italian Bishops' Conference) in the Christian-Buddhist Dialogue, il M.I.D.(Monastic Interreligious Dialogue), and with the Astalli Foundation  with the Incontri project for education for diversity and interreligious dalogue in middle and high schools, are intense and fruitful.

The experience of M.I.D. by Doryu Cappelli read more


Meeting of the I.M.D. participants at the Camaldolese Monastery of Fonte Avellana (PU)


Bearing Witness


Sitting Meditation at the Fosse Ardeatine Mausoleum, Rome.

Sitting in war places, walking where human rights have been trampled, sharing witnesses and ceremonies with those who have been subjected to violence, dictatorships and repressions has always been for us a way of preserving memory and bringing energy of compassion for victims and executioners as well.

That is the reason why in Poland we walked in silence at Auschwitz and Birkenau, we sang Sutras in Palermo  at the foot of the Falcone and Borsellino (judges killed by the mafia) memorial tree, and we went at Capaci to the place of the mafia terrorist attack, in Rome we laid bread at the Ponte dell'Industria, where during WWII ten women caught with bread and flour were murdered by Nazis, and for years we remember the slaughter of the Fosse Ardeatine with silent walking, sitting and chanting.

These moments represent for us the opportunity to open ourselves, welcoming in peace and silence the anger, intolerance and violence that live in each of us.


neighborhood life


Tai Chi in the street with Master AnZuò-Enzo Bordi and Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa

Anshin Zen Center is located in a particularly significant area of the city of Rome, where the historic districts of Trastevere, Testaccio, Monteverde-Portuense, converge; an area that, beyond the tourist interest, present a fervent cultural activity and a vivid neighborhood life.

In particular, Anshin Zen Center collaborates with some local associations involved in informing, reporting and solving problems of the area, and also in animating and involving the community, such as the neighborhood committee  “La voce di Porta Portese”  and the Città dell’Altra Economia.

Blessing the trees. Written by Gyoetsu Epifanìa on the occasion of the Zen Ceremony for the inauguration of "Adopt a tree", a project for increasing greenery by the district committee "La Voce di Porta Portese" - May 2017  read more


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