Monthly sessions of intensive practice open to everyone, irrespective of religious belief and culture

Sesshin, literally meaning "to unite, to recollect the heart-mind," is a period of retreat offering a unique opportunity to focus our attention on the various facets of the Practice, away from distractions.
Sessions of meditation alternate to ceremonies, Samu*, Oryoki**, Dharma talks***, and rest .

The profound atmosphere in a Sesshin rests on the commitment of all participants to living in mutual harmony, and in a spirit of mutual support.

Typical schedule of a short Sesshin:
First day:
5.00 pm    Sangha**** gathering and Samu (organizing spaces and meals)
7.30 pm    Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen
8.50 pm    Evening Cerimony
9.30 pm    Informal supper and tidy up
10.15 pm    Zazen
10.45 pm     Reciting the Bodhisattva***** vows
11.00 pm    Rest

Second day
5.30 am    Wake up
6.00 am    Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen
7.20 am    Morning Service
7.45 am    Oryoki (Formal breakfast)
8.30 am    Samu
9.30 am    Dharma Talk
10.15 am    Zazen
11.00 am    Closing ceremony; tidy up
11.15 am    Closing Sangha meeting
12.00 am    Common lunch

*Samu: work, as a gift to the Community and to the Temple
**Oryoki: a formal meal  
***Dharma Talk: teaching about Buddhist philosophy
**** Sangha: a practising community
***** Bodhisattva: an awakened being


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